I used to be queen

I used to be queen
I ruled the roost
Until this little bean
In my womb I produced

Out this little girl came
My princess she would be
It would never be the same
She was a mini-me

She stole my heart
And it would lead to my demise
She is far too smart
For that itty-bitty size

She cries and I go
She is attached to my hip
She laughs when I say “no” 
She wins with her pouting lip 

Such a beautiful little face
Such a sweet little coo
She wants her diapers with lace
And a gold bottle too 

I underestimated the power
A sweet baby could possess
My throne and my tower 
Demoted, regressed

She is the star of the show
And she doesn’t even walk
What is going to happen- I don’t want to know
When she is a teenager and can talk

My crown may be gone
My castle unclean
But I love being a mom
Even if she is queen

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