baby inspires a healthy family

My husband and I have always led a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising. When I started making solid food for Audrey, I was heavily motivated to save money. It was just a bonus that it was also a healthier option – I just didn’t realize how much healthier and how making her food would affect Chris and I to eat even better. 
I knew that making her food was a healthier option. I select the produce and other foods she gets and I cook it. Therefore, I know everything that goes into her food. Moreover, after reading research done by the USDA, I found that Gerber foods contain a huge amount of fillers. All of the sudden, words I never cared too much about like “local” and “organic” were starting to fill up my fridge. 
Since I was working hard at protecting Audrey from hidden sugars, salts, fillers, corn syrups and bad fats, I all of the sudden started looking at the meals I make for Chris and I. Why shouldn’t I try to keep the whole family away from those things? 
Now that Audrey is eating pretty much everything, it has given me inspiration to cook food for Chris and I that I would also feed her. I have to ask, “Would I feed this to Audrey?” Dishes that I thought were pretty healthy- and still are- can get healthier. A dish such as my meatloaf: ground beef, instant mashed potatoes, soup mix and cheese, can get better for you by using organic beef, my own mashed potatoes, something with lower salt content to bind and low fat cheese.
The healthiest weight I’ve ever been at (and most weight dropped) is when I simply worked to eat off the food pyramid. Four servings of vegetables, three servings of fruit, two servings of a starch, a serving of dairy and a serving of a good fat. Audrey has the same menu plan, just in a miniature version.

Making Audrey’s food has done a lot for the family – saved us money and changed our eating habits for the better.


2 thoughts on “baby inspires a healthy family

  1. This is so great to read! I've been on this mission for awhile now, though not always successful. It's hard when time slips by and it's more convenient to use the quick and unhealthy alternatives. Keep it up mama!

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