growing a family

It sure is spring time. Everything around us is growing. It is amazing how just a little seed can turn into something so beautiful – that goes for my little seed, Audrey, and our soon-to-be fabulous garden.

I was never a gardener nor did I ever have the interest. But as a stay-at-home-mom, it gives me something to work at and get out of the house with. Of course my husband is a garden master. So when I told him I wanted to be involved in “our garden,” he has had much patience in teaching me and letting me make decisions.

The first thing I did was go buy a trendy watering can and cute gardening gloves. You have to at least look the part, right?

My sister, another garden guru, told me, “It is just like a baby.” You have to nurture and protect it. Well, I know how to do that!

And my husband and I sure do make a good team. While he was sweating away in the pouring down rain making garden beds out of his own split cedar – I made cute labels [note: add label maker to my essential ingredients to life]. Ahh, it feels like parenting!

Another plus to marrying a logger. He always gets free wood, knows what to do with it and doesn’t mind working in the rain. Handy hubbies are the best. 


2 thoughts on “growing a family

  1. I hope you'll post pictures of your garden as it's growing! I really want to plant a garden, but we don't own the home we are in and I don't think the owners would appreciate us tearing up the yard. Plus we have rabbits living in the shrubby trees that surround our yard. They'd have a feast for sure if we planted a garden. But I am considering planting a few veggies in a large pots for my back porch. Produce is just starting to get SO expensive anymore! Good luck and I'm sure you'll look fabulously fashionable while your green thumb is at work! :)Blessings,Rosann

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