scoop on poop: part II

Audrey doesn’t like baths anymore. I’ve been trying everything to spruce it up. She isn’t even in her infant tub anymore – she is a big girl. Furthermore, being a big girl means she also knows how to stand up in the tub, throw her toys out, splash and yell.

Audrey takes a bath every morning after breakfast since she is normally a food disaster. I really enjoyed that bath time since it would allow me time to wake up and drink my coffee.

That’s over. But, once out of the bath, she prefers to air dry. She loves squirming out of her towel and crawling in circles. She looks exactly like a dog after you clean them- so happy to be clean.

I never minded the au naturel playtime since that is what now allowed me a little peace, time to clean the bath up and 95 percent of the time, she had an empty bladder from peeing in the tub.

Yes, she has surprised me with large wet spots on the rug, but rarely. And it is just baby pee.

Today was a different story.

As I escaped to the living room to grab my cup of Joe and start drying bath toys, I smelled poop. I leaned in toward my hand and thought that her morning poop must have stuck to me a bit. After a few minutes, Audrey came roaring down the hallway looking for me. I picked her up and got my hand sticky. I looked at her leg, and yep…there was poop on it.

While carrying her sideways like a sack of potatoes, I ran into the bedroom and was taken aback by the powerful smell. And there it lie- a big pile of what now looks like human poop since she is eating real meals siting warm on the carpet.

I thought for a second and decided to deal with her first. I put her in the bathtub and showered her down. It was all over her legs and arms.

Once she was clean, I left her there to have her air dry time in the tub and I headed in to the mess with my Resolve at hand.

It was everywhere. All over her toy piano, books and stuffed animals. What is really sad is that the main pile rested under where I store the diapers and wipes. It was clear that she was playing at the end of the room and felt the poo coming and then crawled over all her toys to the diapers and wipes. Smart girl.

Another wonderful way to start the day…


3 thoughts on “scoop on poop: part II

  1. Sadly, I'm all too familiar with the real human pile of poop on the floor. When my oldest daughter was around 20 months I changed her diaper which had poop in it, and thinking it was safe, left her naked for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom. While I was having a mommy moment on the potty, she waltzed into the bathroom to tell me she'd pooped. At first I thought she was just talking about the diaper I had just changed, but then she turned and pointed behind her and I realized she was talking about the poop she had just let go on my bedroom floor. I was horrified! I feel your pain! 🙂 Blessings,Rosann

  2. Thankfully I have not gotten the poop issue yet, but I do find wet spots on the floor as I let her roam around while I get the bath ready. However, I do have a poop story and it involved it being in her mouth and my hair…hmmm…another day.

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