how to hard boil an egg

The mystery of life, isn’t it not? It has become such a trivial annoyance and laughing matter in my house hold. I’ll wait everyday to see how my husband’s egg in his lunch turned out. He’ll come home and right away say, “Egg peeled great today!” or “Bad egg. Tossed it.” 
Yesterday on the phone with my mother she interrupted our conversation to say, “I gotta get back to these dang eggs. They better peel this time!” 
I started laughing. A woman who has been hard boiling eggs her whole life still doesn’t know the formula to an easy peel. “It really is the mystery of life,” she said. 
And it is the advice that is really flustering. My mom always told me to use fresh eggs – I don’t know why she claimed that was her secret when she is clearly still having problems. A close friend and farmer said the complete opposite, not to use fresh eggs.
My husband’s grandmother always used vinegar in the boiling water while my grandfather swears upon a robust boil, exactly 25 minutes on low and right away putting it in cold water. 
Let me just say that I’ve tried all those methods and I always get half that make eating a hard boiled egg enjoyable and half that make you just scream and throw your egg in anger.
Everyone seems to have advice, but it seems like those same people still struggle with a perfect batch of hard boiled eggs. 
So, what is the real secret!? 
I even Googled and on this how-to site everyone in the comments/discussion section is arguing about the methods listed in the article. “I tried this and it was impossible to peel!” “I did it and it was great.” Etc… 
Guess it will just remain a mystery for now.

11 thoughts on “how to hard boil an egg

  1. I read this trick in a Rachel Ray cookbook and results in a perfect egg almost every time. Place eggs in waterBring to a boilImmediately cover and remove from heatLet stand 13 minutesPlace in cold water to coolHope this works for you!

  2. I've never been able to master it– but actually, I like soft-medium boiled eggs, which makes it even harder because you want the whites to be cooked and the yolk to be slightly runny. Only my cousins in Ireland seem to know how to do it right 😉

  3. I heard that you should leave the eggs in the fridge for a week before boiling. Fresh will not peel as well. Also, place in cold water immediatly after.Yes I did see your baby yumm bowl post back when you posted it! I'm glad Audrey liked them! I love yumm sauce. My mom made the sauce too and it turned out good, however, for me, buying all those ingrediants cost more for me since I didn't have them on hand. I got the big tub of yum sauce for $13 and it makes SO MANY bowls!

  4. I have heard it all and tried it all too…still remains a mystery to me too. Deviled Eggs rarely get made around my house. I am almost thinking of buying one of those as-seen-on tv egg crackers to see if they work. lol

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the egg issue. You would think it would be so simple!!! Not so much. Just found your blog…too cute!

  6. An egg that won't peel puts me in a dreadful mood. But, and egg that does peel is incredibly rewarding.I bring them to a boil and take them off the heat for 10 minutes. I also put a ton of salt in the water and some vinegar too.It works sometimes and then sometimes it doesn't and my day is ruined.

  7. My grandmother told me to peel it under cold running water; it always seems to work well for me but it really does drive me crazy that hard boiled eggs are so high maintance because I love them. Next we need to conquer how to not make them stink up our house.

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