elk ragu

If you are married to a hunter, you too, have had to figure out not only how to eat elk, but how to cook it.

Once fond of elk meat, pregnancy turned me somewhat against it. Only when you can really smell or taste the gaminess. I have found a few ways around it considering it is a good, lean meat and is filling up our freezer.

Elk Ragu


1 package ground elk
1 package pasta noodles (Rotini or Penne)
1 jar flavored marinara sauce
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
1. Boil noodles in heavy salt water (enough where the water tastes salty) & olive oil
2. Heat olive oil & garlic in deep saute pan on medium high
3. Add meat to the saute pan & cook thoroughly
4. Add plenty of basil, more garlic, salt & pepper (to taste) to meat
5. Add marinara sauce to pan along with another tablespoon of olive oil
6. Add 1/2-1 cup of water from your cooked pasta (adds creaminess to sauce)
6. Drain pasta & add to simmering meat sauce
7. Mix pasta & sauce while adding 2-3 cups Parmesan (again, to liking but the more the better)
8. Remove from heat & add 1-2 tablespoons of butter
9. Bowl it up, add more Parmesan and Basil to top and get a fork!



One thought on “elk ragu

  1. This recipe sounds great. We have a ton of deer in the freezer so I'll have to try it with that! I hear you about the smell though.I had organic cow from a friend's herd the other day and it smelled a lot like venison when it was cooking. Makes me wonder what the stores are putting in hamburger meat they sell.

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