a hoot halloween

I of course waited until Friday to decide on what to do for a costume. Being Audrey’s first kinda-real Halloween, I wanted her to be unique and be something she likes. Her obsession with owls last week made me decide to get a little crafty.

I went to Walmart and scored a $1.00 5T tank top and some scraps of brown, gray and white fabric. I also found an elephant hat and butterfly wings on clearance. I threw together the scrappy owl in a few hours and she was loving it! Running around going “hoot hoot.”

She even took 1st place at the costume contest on Saturday!!! I have to say, she is the cutest little owl I’ve ever seen.

In the parade for the costume contest. Walking right in front of the judges

2 thoughts on “a hoot halloween

  1. Oh my goodness! Cutest costume EVER and you my friend are so talented. I can't believe you made that. What creative thinking. I always have to buy one pre-made cause my mind just doesn't work any other way when it comes to making clothing or costumes. Good job!! She is adorable! Blessings,Rosann

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