a wise nursery…

For my friend and the plus-one in her belly, I brought together some fabulous DIY-for-much-cheaper ideas using her love for owls and nature. Here are two different color schemes and lots of crafty projects:

(PINK ROOM) Burlap-stamp art: create your own baby art by using burlap and either a sticker, iron-on or stencil (or free hand it!) while then adding your motherly wisdom with a favorite quote or verse. Frame it!

(PINK ROOM) DIY knock-off Anthropologie ruffle drapes: Tutorial here

Wall tree & wood bookshelves: Create a unique look with a hand painted or wall-sticker tree and then by adding real wood book shelves where the branches of the tree lay.

(PINK ROOM) Bird Mobile: Using two wood quilting hoops, your choice of birds hot glued to the hoops and then fishing line to attach and hang.

(PINK ROOM) Owl Pillow: White pillow & felt! Use fabric or no sew-glue or do cute stitching around your felt owl and three heart cut outs.

Wood Crate End Table: DIY or pick up a crate for some table re-purposing.

(VINTAGE GREEN ROOM) Fabric-Covered Embroidery Hoops: This is such an easy, economical and eye-catching idea to add some of your favorite fabric designs to the room. Tutorial here


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