save coffee, make poms!

Brown coffee filter poms with twine

These are perfect for a party or decor! Cheap, easy and pretty durable for you to pack away after a party and get out for the next. These can be hung from the ceiling or used in a nursery, for your own bedroom decor, an elegant wedding reception, as a coffee table centerpiece or in a vase.

Need: 100 Coffee filters (not cone shaped; brown or white), hot glue & gun, wadded trash, twine/fishing line, straight pin

Simply wad up a ball of trash/newspaper… tightly

      Pinch the end of the coffee filter for a glueable flat edge

Put hot glue on that edge and stick it to the center ball

Continue until the pom is full

When the pom is complete, tie or glue twine to a straight pin; stick the straight pin where you want the pom to hang from


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