happier mopping: outsmarting the wet jet

I really do like to clean, but I do not like spending a fortune on cleaners.

Among all of my Pinterest finds, this was one of my favorites because it is saving me a bundle and getting my house cleaner.

I love my wet jet and even more now that I can make my own floor cleaner and have washable pads.

Need: Microfiber wash cloths (got a huge box at Costco for less than $3); Floor cleaner ingredients (see below)

Your microfiber wash cloths will naturally stick to the bottom. I then wrap the edges around sticking it to the velcro on top making it even better to clean edges. Take it off and flip it over mid-clean too!

To remove the cap off your Wet Jet solution bottle, boil approximately 2 inches of water. Once boiling, tip the cap end of the bottle in the water for about 10 seconds. Take it out and with a towel, twist off the cap and fill with your cleaner.

For floor cleaner solution, you can research dependent upon your floors. We have tile and hard wood floors, so I like using a little Pine-Sol in my solution. Here are some DIY cleaner ideas:

Martha’s DIY Floor Cleaner

Green Hardwood Cleaners


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