conquering the sewing machine: curtains

I have been looking for curtains to put in my dining area for a very long time. There was a specific pattern and color I had in mind. I would look and look, but wanted to be economical and it seemed curtains or even fabric that was to my liking, was expensive.

Then  a little trip to Fred Meyer’s had me jumping for joy at these clearance shower curtains in my optimal pattern and colors – and in a wonderful, soft and not totally see-through fabric. (And, you know I had a coupon on top of that!) Seeing that the curtains were to adorn the sliding glass door, I bought two (each at $7.00).

Shower curtains run too short in length, so here is where the sewing had to come in. I wanted to match my curtains in the living room, therefore I bought cream canvas fabric for bottom panels on the new curtains – which would then make them nearly 80” in length. (Remember to always go taller on a window/door with curtains. It will make the window/door look much bigger).

I purchased hooks at Ross for $3.99 and already had the bar.

The two curtains makes it look great when it is doubled up and at one side, or I am able to separate them for a window look, OR shut them totally which helps with keep our house insulated.

Of course, being only my third sewing project, my mother-in-law assisted which is why, to me, they look like they were meant to be $50 Pier One curtains.

Here is Martha with a sewing tutorial on ways to embellish your curtains


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