make a sock bunny

The woman is so busy, yet she whips out fun crafts like this one. My wonderful friend and momma to three, Ashley, made these sock bunnies. These are so cute that I will probably be making some today!


I saw these a while back at an arts & crafts show and my kids instantly fell in love with them. I was certain I could make them for less than the $15.00 price tag but I wasn’t completely sure how.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found an amazing and FREE tutorial by Lil Blue Boo.

I decided yesterday was the day to whip out a few of these as Max is going on a trip soon to visit family and wants to bring gifts for some of the kids. I had all the supplies needed to make these and thought they would be great for the younger girls, so away I went. The bunny in the middle was the last one I made and it is by far the best. I am still trying to finish the nose on the green-eyed bunny, but I am using thread instead of embroidery floss so it has been a bit a challenge. Oh well, that keeps life interesting, right?

I am very pleased with how well these turned out and I plan to make more as soon as I gather up some more knee-highs. I have lots of nieces with birthdays this summer 🙂 And to be honest, my boys are a little jealous 😉



comments welcome

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