we be jammin’: no-cook freezer jam

The boysenberries started appearing in our garden, so I (with the help of Audrey) got to one of my family traditions – homemade freezer jam. Yum! There is really nothing like it. I did it a bit different from in the past, but we slopped it on our pancakes yesterday and boysenberry, was it good!

Freezer jam is much easier than “eat now” jam because there is no cooking. Make sure you have some freezer containers – I use plastic containers.

As for pectin, I used Ball RealFruit Classic Pectin (see below); in the past we’ve used Certo (follow that recipe). I think I may try the Certo again next time – just makes it a bit more jello-like.

No-Cook Berry Freezer Jam

what you’ll need: berries (I used boysenberries and have done strawberries and raspberries the same); pectin; granulated sugar; freezer containers

(This calculation/recipe is for 6-cups ready mashed berries – about 13 cups whole berries)

6 cups berries
6 Tbsp + 2 1/4 tsp pectin
7 1/2 cups sugar (I did traditional sugar amount; you can opt to use less)

1. Pick and wash your berries. If you are going to collect more, put them in the fridge for only a day or two. You can freeze your berries as you collect more, but I don’t think it turns out as good.

2. Mash your berries either using your mixer on low or a potato masher. Make sure you wipe the mixer and put that good pulp back in the berries. The jam will need it. Also, we have strained the seeds before just dumping the berries through a small mesh strainer a few times, catching the seeds. Make sure you take the pulp though and put it back in the berries. I didn’t strain this time because Chris and I don’t mind the seeds.

3. Now measure your mashed berries. I used 6-cups. (go here if you  have a different measurement to calculate how much sugar and pectin are needed: http://freshpreserving.com/tools/reference/pectin.aspx#

4. Add  your sugar to the mixed berries.

5. Stir gently.

6. Add your pectin.

7. Stir gently.

Having a helper is good, too!

8. Make sure your containers are washed and ready.

9.  Pour jam into containers, put lids on and let sit in a dry, cooler place for 24-hours. After 24-hours, place jam in the freezer.

mmmm. tasty

Let freeze at least 24-hours, and then take out one container for the fridge which is eat-ready!


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