my dwelling place

Everyone should have a spot they go that is there dwelling place – somewhere they can be calm, focus and enjoy God’s blessings.

I have been enjoying my little backyard escape constantly this summer season – sipping my morning coffee and doing devotions, sunbathing while Audrey swims in her pool, great gatherings with friends BBQ-ing and roasting s’mores on the fire or simply lounging on the couch with my book or Scrabble with the hubby.It is also the setting for an intimate women’s Bible study.

The light colors, privacy with my curtains and sunshine provides peace, comfort and warmth – making it my perfect dwelling place.

{ pergola curtains }

We used a chain-link fence and rod for the curtains. Got the idea here (click). For the curtains, I used canvas painters drop cloths which work great because they are easy to just brush clean, weather-resistant, heavy and super long and wide.

{ pillows & cushions }

For the couch/chair cushions, I bought foam on clearance and covered it with a down comforter cover I had laying around, not being used; for the pillows, I collected old/non-used pillows or bought cheap thrift store pillows and then found a beautiful sheet set on clearance for $5.00 which I then covered most of the pillows with.


{ Wood Pallet Coffee Table }

This was simply two, old wood pallet’s stacked on top of each other, with legs nailed into the corners. I opted not to use caster wheels or stain it/paint it because of the look I have and cost, but I love these tables when they go all out.

Thrift store/yard sale chairs with a new coat of paint make great extra seating

Things I love: Burlap, candlelight and mason jars – you can do so much with these. I made a burlap runner for this table, found this huge, heavy vase at a thrift store, as well as the rice sack which I turned into a pillow cover.


{Hanging Basket Lantern}

The lantern is two Dollar Tree hanging baskets. No glue or anything – they just snapped together, one upside down on top of the other.

These clear bottles were found at IKEA (approx. $3 each)


4 thoughts on “my dwelling place

  1. Love the backyard! It is beautiful. Although I have to ask, how do you protect the pillows and other fabrics from the wonderful Oregon “sunshine?” it is a struggle I have had; even with fabrics labeled as outdoor fabrics.

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