barn door art

Every time my dad’s birthday rolls around, my husband and I always sigh at what to get him. The man has plenty of  things. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I switched my thinking to what to make him, instead.

With their new mountain lodge in the works, my husband and I made this barn door art with a poem I wrote for him. It is pretty fun doing these projects together with my husband and something I would consider, a real gift. – And he loved it!


(This door measures about 3.5 feet by 3 feet)

Wood cut to width and length

Wood screws

I used a walnut-colored wood stain

Rusty hinge(s) and latch (We have a store with recycled home materials. This was .60 cents!)


Graphite paper (found mine at Michael’s – I would opt for the white graphite which leaves a white line if you are staining dark)

Paint/paint pen



Once the wood is attached together with screws, sand, clean off and then stain. After stain, add decorative pieces (latch/hinge/etc…).

Bring the door to a clean, well-lit spot for painting.

Using or other free font sites, simply download the font(s) you want to Microsoft W and then type out the wording you want and size. Here I used two from Indenture English Penman Demo in 300 size and Nashville in 150 size.

Print your text and then mark and measure how you want it on the door.

Lay your text on top of the graphite paper and then on the door where you want it placed. Trace.

Paint  your tracings (I used white paint).

Optional to sand your painted lettering after it dries for a bit more of a rustic look.

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