a true vintage: wine barrel chandelier

This is by far the coolest project we’ve done. We got a few wine barrel’s this summer that the local winery were getting rid of, and this is one of the projects.

With pictures and lots of thinking, and my husband’s craftsmanship – this barrel became an awesome chandelier for my parents’ new mountain lodge.

We only have these pictures, but will make sure to post new ones when the chandelier is hung. A similar wine barrel chandelier is at Restoration Hardware for $2,000. This, with the cost of those spendy but wonderful light bulbs, came to roughly $100.


The side pieces from the barrel were taken apart (you see they are stained with red wine) and the bottom (the other side,  not shown, has cool France and vineyard markings). At the top, the metal strap from the barrel was made smaller to wrap around the top of the chandelier. IMG_2117

Chris found an old chandelier with these brass light fixtures. He took it apart and put the single light fixture into each wood side.



We have light!


Because of the red wine stain, the chandelier was painted a very dark brown to mimic a walnut stain. The brass light fixtures were then painted with a metal iron-look spray paint in black.

The light bulbs we got just complete it. Vintage from LOWES. They aren’t cheap, but for working this hard on a chandelier – they totally complete the look.


Ta-da! I wish I got a picture of all the lights working. The chandelier has a large, industrial chain that will hold it. When you are looking up at the dining room table, the bottom of the chandelier is the original barrel wood with those cool markings. Love it.


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