barrels of fun

When I heard that a local winery had used wine barrels they were getting rid of, without much hesitation, I grabbed some. Just like when I saw that free wood pallet, I didn’t have a clue what to do with them, but knew I would think of something.

My husband was thrilled once I did think of a few things. Of course the projects would involve his wonderful carpenter skills.

1. Wine barrel coffee table/end table: The barrel was cut in half and presented as a coffee table. One table displays the bottom of the barrel and its authentic vineyard stamps and markings. The other table is open-end up with a glass top. The open barrel serves as a great place for seasonal décor, blankets or books.


2. Wine barrel bistro: We kept this barrel in full glory, but I personalized it with a painted-on verse. It makes a great standing table for your wine glasses or appetizers, or a corner wine-bar for the inside or backyard.


3. Wine barrel chandelier: After seeing a light fixture (marketed for more than $2,000), I thought something similar with a vintage barrel for my parents’ lodge would be a piece not only to draw attention in a room, but a piece that has a story. My husband gets most of the credit on this one.
Used: 1 wine barrel; brown/walnut paint; parts of a used, brass chandelier, painted; wiring; vintage light bulbs




comments welcome

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