make room for seconds

il_fullxfull.190152615No two children can be exactly the same and typically, one is going to be the tester, trouble-maker or tantrum thrower.

I try and remain optimistic, but regardless, people continue to let us know that we should prepare our parenting skills for what lies ahead.

I watch our little princess. She is quiet, listens, rarely needs much discipline, has always been a great sleeper and eater, and is well-mannered. I watch her as my belly rumbles a continual earth-quake of fierce kicks and sharp jabs.

Five-months into pregnancy and this baby is already so different. My anxiety creeps up.

God gave it to us pretty easy with the first one – was that just to provide us with a practice before the big test?

I love my younger sister dearly, but being six-years older than her makes me old enough to remember. I remember the collapsing on the ground in screams and tears, I remember the leash, and I remember the biting. I remember that a two-year-old had the ability to make an eight-year-old cry.

We were completely opposite, and my mother will tell you the same thing.

I embrace that differences are beautiful and each child will have their strengths and weaknesses – making two, wonderfully made individuals given as a gift by God.

Maybe I should say that I am trying to embrace that – it sounds really good.

Honestly, the “second child syndrome” (which sounds really bad) kind of freaks me and my husband out.

Parenting, like nothing else, enters you into this club of constant opinions, stories and advice from other parents. As much as I hear, “Oh, you’re probably going to have a terror next,” and stories about the first child eating, sleeping and weaning so well, and then came the second, a “whole different story” – I need to just swallow my uneasiness and trust God.

I need to trust that maybe God won’t give me an easy go-around with the second child, but that He will give me the tools required to conquer whatever parenting hurdles I may need to climb.

And I need to give God thanks. Thanks that we’ve been blessed with a second child, and thanks that at least our first will be a good example and a good helper.

So, bring it on.

“…you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:13-14 NIV


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