living in toddler land

As I quickly approach newborn days again, I realized how far-removed I am from it. It doesn’t seem like it was long ago, but somewhere in there, I became the mother of a toddler on her way into preschooler. How different those worlds are…

You are the mother of a toddler/preschooler if…

  • Your car is now full of snacks, DVDS and kid music
  • You watch more Disney Jr. and PBS than adult programs
  • Instead of being tuned-in to hearing that baby whimper, you are now on full alert to sneaky tip-toes
  • getting out of bed
  • Your mommy-alarm goes off when you hear naughty words or things that shouldn’t be said around your child because you know it takes one second for them to sponge it up and spit it back out
  • Your house manages to get destroyed while you cook dinner
  • You suddenly don’t care about the line waiting outside the restroom and the songs they hear you singing because you have a potty-training toddler
  • Your best laughter comes from the things your child does
  • You finally realized they are smarter than you think: they can understand your spelling or code words, they can master baby gates and boy, can they manipulate.
  • You’re over trying to get them dressed in matching clothes and you let them pick out whatever makes them happy – and makes getting dressed go by faster – even if it is a princess skirt, camo sweatshirt and rain boots.
  • You love that you’re who your child wants to play with (even if it is all the time). Embrace that you are your kiddos superhero – it might not last that long.
  • You are reading books on how-to discipline
  • You are reading books on how-to keep your sanity
  • Your girl-nights out are now called “play-dates”
  • You switch from “That is a no-no!” to “I’m so proud of you!” in a matter of minutes
  • You laugh when someone suggests a fancy restaurant for dinner. I need hot dogs, mac & cheese, spilling and loudness to be OK (i.e. “family friendly”)
  • You realize you don’t know it all when you’re stumped by your toddler’s persistent questions
  • You wonder if they will ever sit still – and if you will ever be able to again
  • You’ve learned everything will take twice as long because your child wants to help you do it
  • You look at new moms stressing over their baby crying and think “ah, if only my toddler was that quiet.”
  • You’re constantly having to test your creativity and make up new games
  • Dinner time consists of bartering (“Just two more bites and you can have dessert.”)
  • You no longer can skip pages when you read to them – they know and will call you out
  • You have started to master patience through teething, constant colds and potty training
  • You warm up every time they say, “I love you, mommy.”



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