a grandma’s magic

There is something so special – so, magical – about a grandma. Mothers are special too, but once a mother is made into a grandmother, something extraordinary happens.

Having the first grandchild on both sides, I have watched my wonderful mother and mother-in-law make this transition. It has always made me reflect on my wonderful grandma, who recently passed.

scan0040Grandma’s don’t rush. They read long books without skipping pages.

Grandma’s gently brush hair and braid without pulling.

Grandma’s always let you win and allow pieces of chocolate for breakfast.

Grandma’s have the warmest hugs and will cuddle for what seems like hours without needing anything else.

Grandma’s won’t get mad for spilling or breaking something. They always smile and say, “That’s OK!”

Grandma’s are always on your side.

Grandma’s have bragging rights – always keeping pictures of you with them and just looking for someone to show them off too.

Grandma’s skip naps and have late bed times. They squeeze every moment out of the day for fun and laughs.

Grandma’s kiss boo-boo’s more than anyone, and use multiple Band-Aids.

Grandma’s will always tell you how proud they are of you, how beautiful you are and how much they love you no matter what.

Grandma’s will get you all the treats mommy doesn’t have and make you whatever you want.

Grandma’s rarely say “no.”

Grandma’s use their shirts to wipe tears and snot.

Grandma’s don’t pay attention to anyone else when you are around.

Grandma’s will cancel appointments, change their schedule and drive hours to be there for you.

Grandma’s always have the patience to let you “help” them with everything.

There are no rules with grandmas, no battles – there are just big hugs, long laughs, yummy treats, and so much love.

I love you and miss you grandma.


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