friends are like flowers

I’m sitting here this morning feeling so humbled. So humbled that it is uncomfortable. Last week I went through one of the hardest times in my life losing my grandmother – and this week, as I grab hold of each day, trying to get back to life and a schedule, I am surrounded by flowers, cards, phone calls, prayers, hugs and love.

I’m so thankful. I have friends that aren’t just friends – they are sisters. They don’t just like you, they love you. They don’t just use you to fill their “I need” cup, they see your needs and aim to fill them.

Those sisters, that genuinely care, they sparkle. They don’t bring you meals or flowers to be able to make a check off their be-a-good-friend list.

They just want to make your day a little easier even if it makes their day a little harder.

I saw this last week with my grandmother. My grandmother had friends that came and smiled, gave hope, but most of all they just sat there, held her hand and gave love.

At her service, it was amazing to see so many treasured friends – all of them agreeing that my grandmother was always putting those she loved first and giving her whole heart to others even if she was weary or busy. She would stop everything in order to give you her full love.

And that is where I see the difference in certain friendships. There are the ones that will be there for you and give their whole hearts no matter their busy schedule or situation, and then there are the ones that when pushed to a certain point, when they are asked to give more than they are comfortable with – they give up.

True friends are vulnerable, honest, giving and observant – they listen to you and pay close attention to your life. True friends know that relationships matter, the other stuff does not.

My grandmother loved the quote, “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you.”

I like the comparison between friends and flowers. I like it because in order for flowers to remain strong and beautiful, they need effort, attention and proper care. Without this, they will wither and go away.

I look around at all the beautiful flowers and think of my treasured friendships. Just a little love each day can make that flower blossom. Just a little love will make something fragile, grow so much stronger.

Thank you friends, my beautiful sisters.


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