diy bunk beds

IMG_2916With our three-year-old and soon-to-arrive baby sharing a bedroom, it was time for me to get creative and put my husband to the hammer (again).

With my planning and his skills, the girls now have a multi-purpose bunk bed. The bed is suitable for my tiny toddler with steps instead of a ladder and has an open space beneath which the crib comfortably fits under.

In addition to coming up with beds that would work for a toddler and an infant, I needed to utilize storage space options. While often you see stairs that are open up as drawers, I wanted something that could hold more and something that the children could have easier access to. Therefore, the space under the stairs was opened from the side into three cupboard, stacking areas with shelving and optional doors or curtains.

Once baby number-two has outgrown the crib, the bottom area can be turned into another twin bed, full bed or left open for a desk or play area. There are a lot of options, all of which can be fulfilled if we move because the bunk bed can be disassembled.

For us, the project was between $300 and $400. Prices can vary depending on wood materials chosen and paint.

DIY Loft Bunk Bed

Bed dimensions: 8-feet and 8-inches by 3-feet and 8-inches by 5-feet and 10-inches

Need: Measuring tape, wood glue, hammer, drill and bits, nails and screws, paint, brush, chop saw and table saw, random orbital sander, approximately 44 lag bolts, 35 wood buttons/hole plugs

IMG_2576Wood Materials:

Four 4-by-4-inch x 6-foot-tall posts

50 lineal feet of 2-inch by 6-inch boards

30 lineal feet of 2-inch by 2-inch boards

105 lineal feet of 3-inch-wide bead board (can opt for plywood for a lower cost)

2 sheets of a/c face plywood

Approx. 50-feet of 1-inch by 2-inch boards

IMG_25791. Determine the size of the mattress you are going to use. Determine the total height and height you want for headroom on bottom bunk/open area for crib.

2. Start with the bed first. Build the ends and then continue with the rails. Countersink your lag bolts if you want to add the wood buttons for a cleaner look. Make sure to measure and cut appropriately for the rail which will have the opening for your child to get into the bed.

3. Attach your 2-by-2’s around the interior of your 2-by-6’s to hold the base bead board or sheet of plywood which holds the mattress.

4. Determine the rise and run you want each step.

5. Measure and build your top platform to be the same width as the opening to the bunk bed.

6.  Use your 1-by-2’s for a framework to attach to and for face stock.

IMG_25827. Build a handrail or side handholds for safety. Add decorative bead board to your taste.

8. Putty nail holes and wood imperfections, sand and then paint.


IMG_2583 IMG_2797 IMG_2803 IMG_2899 IMG_2915 IMG_2919



6 thoughts on “diy bunk beds

  1. I absolutely love this idea! Thanks for the fabulous pictures and step-by-step instructions. Now I just need to coerce someone to build it for me…

  2. What were the finished dimensions of the entire construction? My girls will be sharing a small, 11′ x 7’8″ room with 8′ ceilings. This design looks perfect for their room but would like to know the dimensions to be sure. Thanks! 🙂

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