take a seat, Supermom

IMG_2965Well, I am a little more than a week into my new role as a mother of two. I’m alive – sleep deprived and rather weepy—but I’m breathing and feeling blessed.

I don’t think any mother can really anticipate what it is like to have two children. Being that I’ve been-there-done-that, it has made the certain things a lot easier.

I’m a pro at diapers, I know how to swaddle, I know tricks to burping and rocking, and after the first night home, I quickly remembered what it is like to be thankful for a three-hour stretch of sleep.

But while the baby basics come naturally—life is completely different. Maybe I expected life would just resume, plus one. Routines would resume, plus one.

That isn’t the case. I’m learning to live with one-task-per-day as a big accomplishment. Yesterday I got maybe three tasks done and literally felt like supermom.

However, even though I love getting things done and have a daily planner that is the size of a text book, the minute our baby sister joined us, I have been striving to soak up every moment.

Even the tired, late night feedings—because having been-there-done-that, I know how fast it all goes.

This time around I’m practicing being better at just sitting. Sitting and letting the dishes pile up a bit; sitting with beds that aren’t made; sitting with a floor that needs to be cleaned.

With Audrey, I was so proud of the way I could multi-task. Feed a baby and fold laundry; rock baby to sleep and vacuum.

But now I realize that there will be a time, sooner than I want, where I can get it all done. So right now, I’m just going to sit and snuggle my babies.

Every day is a fight. My head keeps pushing me to move, get it done, clean, do-this and do-that, but I know that God doesn’t want me to be supermom – He just wants me to be mom.

Change diapers; burp; feed; bathe; read to; play with; give kisses and hugs: that is today’s to-do list. And when God blesses me with both girls sleeping at the same time – I get to shower.


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