words of wisdom for wedding season

As we roll into summer time, our refrigerator quickly becomes a bulletin board of invitations for showers, birthday parties, announcements – and yes, weddings. Ah, summer: Happy Wedding Season!

0397Here are some tidbits from the marriage advice pool that we’ve heard or learned throughout the years…

1. Never go to bed mad.

2. If you are in a fight, just get naked.

3. Never complain about your spouse to family or friends.

4. Talk about everything.

5. Know that you will both have different ways of communicating love –and they usually aren’t the same. (I recommend The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman)

6. Take date nights.

7. Don’t think about everything you are going to say when he is done talking. Listen. Really listen.

8. Swallow your pride.

9. Ask for forgiveness, quickly.

10. Say “I love you” as much as you can, even if you’re upset with one another.

11. Build each other up; do not tear each other down

12. Know that every marriage is work. Persevere and you will finish well.

13. Study your spouse like your favorite subject. Your goal is to get a master’s degree.

14. Never compare to another spouse or marriage.

15. When you say “You can pick where we go to dinner,” let them really pick without your persuading opinion.

16. Learn to be involved and enjoy his/her hobbies.

17.  Greet each other when you come home with a smile and “how was your day?”

18. Hold hands, cuddle, kiss and be physical with each other.

19. Stop trying to change your spouse. You vowed to love them how they were – faults and all. Learn to love (or deal with) things that bother you. You can talk about working on some habits, but no matter what, love them and accept failure.

20. Don’t argue about money! Set up whatever budgeting plan you can so that you don’t make this an uncomfortable and sometimes volatile subject.

21. Be your spouse’s number one fan and biggest cheerleader. Be their teammate, working together and supporting each other in everything.

For my personal lessons in marriage and more on this subject, make sure to read My ABC Soup in The News-Review on July 21 or online.


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