amen to meal registry

The last thing a new mom can think about is cooking. We spend our hours feeding, changing, sleeping and trying to recover.

After our second baby was born, I had more than one person to try and think about feeding with even less energy available.

Thankfully, moms came to our rescue, filling almost our entire first month home with delivered meals.

I felt like royalty, and honestly, it was a bit of a reality biter when I had to get back to cooking.

Women in the church have been doing meal deliveries to families in need since the beginning — bringing their good home cookin’ to warm the souls of the tired, hungry, sick or sad.

Now the casseroles are going viral, making meal delivery more popular and to a whole new level of organization.

Meal delivery organizing websites such as or allow anyone to create a meal registry. The site gives you a code or a link that can be sent and made public for people to then sign up.

The registries allow you to choose which days people can deliver and where to deliver. Food likes, dislikes and allergies can be listed.

Once people start signing up, viewers can then see what others are bringing so you don’t double up (unless you want a week of cheesy macaroni casserole).

If you don’t live nearby or don’t have the time to cook, these websites also provide restaurant gift card purchases.

When my grandma recently passed away, I created a meal registry anticipating all the people who would call and offer to help. This way, I could give them the link to sign up and deliver a meal.

My grandpa was humbled and overwhelmed by all the food brought over. Not to mention he got to visit with some good friends.

Furthermore, even Aunt Betsy who lives across the country and couldn’t make the funeral could call and order pizza to be delivered on a night with no dinner scheduled.

If you are thinking of delivering flowers to someone who has just gone through a loss or trying to think of a new baby gift, this can be the most helpful and appreciated gift.

Here are some tips:

• Look at the food likes and dislikes. If it isn’t available, call and ask. Remember that people out of the hospital, including breast-feeding mamas, may be on a special diet.

• Try and make your dishes in disposable containers. This way, the recipient doesn’t have to worry about getting your dishes back.

• Be a double blessing and bring paper plates and plastic utensils so that the recipient doesn’t even have to think about doing dishes.

• Call and check what time would be best to deliver a meal. If you can, make meals that can be put in the fridge and then baked or just simply warmed up.

• Make sure you know how many guests are there. Big family events can result in constant company.


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